The Gift Shop

At AVB we use a hand-picked line of vegan friendly products — and now you can take them home with you! Unprocessed, animal friendly and of the highest quality, the products we use can make you feel good about feeling good! All of our products are available for purchase at discounted prices on-site.

Massage Supplies

Skin & Body Care

At AVB we only recommend products that we would use on our own skin. They are Vegan products, free from harmful chemicals and British made, this is to reduce the air mile and the carbon footprint of our products. All products are free from petrochemicals, SLES, SLS.

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Scented Candles

Our scented candles consists of essential oils that are either drawn from an Aromatherapy Insight Card consultation, so that it is personal to you. Or you can buy from our Opulence , 'Adoration', 'Health & Serenity' range.

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Our Jewellery is specially crafted so that it can be subtly fragranced with essential oils that are tailor made to suit you and your lifestyle. Wear the jewellery every day or on special occasions.

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Events Pack

Experience our online master classes, learn how to do a Fascia Facial, Gua Sha Facial, Personal Sugaring, Soap Making have an Insight reading whether its in a private group of 10, Corporate event, or as part of a fun party. Each Master class comes with its own kit that is personal to you and includes guidance on how to use it. The kits are specially made for you and your guests for an experience you'll love and recommend.