Aromatherapy Insight Cards

Is Sugaring the same as waxing? 

We think it's better! (just our opinion).

The benefits of sugaring over waxing is it’s more hygienic, lasts longer, and can be less painful if done regularly. Sugaring doesn’t cause ingrown hairs (it can actually correct them)! Lastly sugaring is a natural exfoliating treatment for the skin and can lead to permanent reduction of hair growth.

Can you sugar everywhere?

Yes you can, anywhere on the body that hear grows.

How can I register for any of the courses? Simple! Our AVB courses page includes a button that takes you through the registration process. We look forward to teaching you!

Is the Professional Course taught face to face?

We are abiding by the Covid-19 regulations on course delivery, and this is subject to change, we will keep you updated on all changes

Are AVB Products Vegan?

Yes, All our products are Vegan, and we only work with environmentally friendly, vegan friendly and recognised, ethical sustainable affiliates.